My MOST popular English videos (Top 5)

Hi everyone! I decided to make a blog showcasing 5 of my YouTube videos with the MOST views. Some of these videos are from the very beginning of my YouTube English video career.

Learn English with VIDEO

I love to share my videos with people trying to improve their English. I’m happy to share these videos with you today 🙂

I hope my “Most Watched” videos = the most helpful videos, and these videos are good for you too.

If any of these videos are helpful for you please share them with your friends! Thanks always and enjoy!

Video #5

Learn to use the English prepositions IN, AT and ON (with time)

Video #4

English Adjectives – Fact or Opinion (Use them correctly!)

Video #3

English Grammar – Hasn’t or Doesn’t have? (A great student question)

Video #2

Learn to make contractions (shortened sounds) of the verb TO BE.

Video #1

Learn how to use No and None correctly (Updated blog post)

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