Learn the conditional English clause ‘IF’ (2019)

English quick shot

IF is a conditional clause in English. This means that one action will/may happen as a result (on the condition) of another action or other actions.

English Grammar

The clause IF can come after the main action:
I will go to Hawaii if I can find a cheap hotel.”

Or it can start a sentence and end with the main action:
“If I can find a cheap hotel, I will go to Hawaii.”

I will go to Hawaii if I can find a cheap hotel. – The main action is ‘go to Hawaii,’ but this action can only happen as a result of ‘finding a cheap hotel.’ (On the condition of finding a cheap hotel)

More examples

“I would eat this ice cream if I wasn’t on a diet!”
“If I eat this ice cream, I’ll regret it tomorrow.”

IF at Oxford Learner’s Dictionary


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