34 Example Words with the Prefix Inter- (Free PDF Download)

Prefixes are an important part of the English language. They are added to the beginning of words to change their meaning, create new words, and expand our vocabulary. The prefix inter- can be used to create a wide range of words in different fields, from science and technology to business and politics.

The prefix inter- has Latin origins and is used to show a relationship “between” or “among” things or people.



This blog post will explore many uses of the prefix inter- and give you some examples of how it can be used in everyday language. Plus download your FREE Word list PDF at the bottom of this page. Keep reading.

The Prefix Inter- (Meaning)

The prefix inter- is used in verbs, nouns, adjectives, and adverbs to mean:

between; from one to another

  • interface
  • interaction
  • International

Word Origin

from Old French entre- or Latin inter ‘between, among’.

inter_prefix – OxfordLearnersDictionaries.com

The Prefix Inter- (Examples)

Interact verb to communicate with somebody, especially while you work, play, or spend time with them

  • She loves to interact with her fans on social media, and it makes her feel more connected to them.

  • The new software allowed users to interact with each other in real time, making communication faster and more efficient.
The prefix inter- She loves to interact with her fans on social media

Intercept verb to stop somebody/something that is going from one place to another from arriving

  • Customs agents intercepted the stolen artwork before it left the country.

Interception noun the act of stopping somebody/something that is going from one place to another from arriving

  • The defensive lineman made an incredible interception and ran the ball down the field for a touchdown.

Interchange noun the act of sharing or exchanging something, especially ideas or information

  • My boss encourages open dialogue so there is always a continuous interchange of ideas at company meetings.

Interchange verb to share or exchange ideas, information, etc.

  • The data is interchanged between the browser and server, with no alterations to the display.
The prefix inter- The data is interchanged between the browser and server.

Intercom noun ​a system of communication by phone or radio inside an office, plane, etc.; the device you press or switch on to start using this system

  • The pilot came on the intercom and told us the current weather at our destination.

Interconnect verb to connect similar things; to be connected to or with similar things

  • The company’s various departments need to interconnect their project management systems to improve efficiency and productivity.

Interest noun the feeling that you have when you want to know or learn more about somebody/something

  • His interest in photography led him to pursue a career in photojournalism.

  • I did archery when I was younger but I lost interest when I started Jr. high school.

Interest verb to attract your attention and make you feel interested; to make yourself give your attention to something

  • Local politics don’t interest me. 

Interested The past participle form of a verb is often used as an adjective. It’s common to hear interested used as an adjective in English conversation.

  • I’m not interested in local politics.

Interface noun (computing) the way a computer program presents information to a user or receives information from a user, in particular, the layout of the screen and the menus

  • The interface of the new app was easy to use and navigate.

  • The two computers needed an interface to communicate with each other.
The prefix inter- The interface of the new app was easy to use and navigate.

Interface verb interface A and B to be connected with something using an interface; to connect something in this way

  • The software is designed to interface seamlessly with other applications.

Interject verb to interrupt what somebody is saying with your opinion or a remark

  • Tammy couldn’t help but interject when she overheard someone talking about the latest fashion trends. Fashion is her passion.

  • The speaker asked the audience not to interject until the end of the presentation.

Interjection noun a short sound, word or phrase spoken suddenly to express an emotion. 

  • Words like “Oh!” and “Wow!” are interjections that are commonly used to express surprise or admiration.

Interlace verb to twist things together over and under each other; to be twisted together in this way

  • Her hair was interlaced with ribbons and flowers.

Interlock verb to fit or be fastened together securely

  • After the walls of the prefab house are interlocked, the building becomes very stable. 

  • The police ordered the suspect to get on his knees and interlock his fingers behind his head. 
The prefix inter- After the walls of the prefab house are interlocked, the building becomes very stable. 

Interlude noun a period of time between two events during which something different happens

  • The orchestra took an interlude between songs, allowing the audience to stretch their legs, get a drink and use the restroom.

  • The couple enjoyed an interlude in their busy schedule by taking a weekend trip to the mountains.

Intermingle verb to mix people, ideas, colors, etc. together; to be mixed in this way

  • The different cultures in the city intermingled, creating a unique and diverse community.

  • The paint colors began to intermingle, creating a beautiful and unexpected effect.

Intermission noun (especially North American English) a short period of time between the parts of a play, film, etc.

  • Coffee was served during the intermission.

International adjective connected with or involving two or more countries

  • The United Nations is an international organization that promotes peace and cooperation among nations.

Internet noun an international computer network connecting other networks and computers that allows people to share information around the world

  • The Internet has revolutionized the way we communicate and access information.

The “NET” in Internet is short for network.

Interoffice adjective connected with or between two offices or departments in the same company

  • The interoffice memo contained important updates about the company’s new policies.

Interpersonal adjective connected with relationships between people

  • Alice struggled with interpersonal communication, often feeling awkward and uncomfortable when her coworkers engaged her in small talk.

  • The therapist suggested that Harold works on his interpersonal skills to improve his work and private relationships.

Interpretation noun the particular way in which something is understood or explained

  • The interpretation of this ancient text is still a subject of debate among scholars.

  • His words are open to interpretation

interpret verb to translate one language into another as it is spoken

  • He took me with him to interpret in case no one spoke English.
The prefix inter- He took me with him to interpret in case no one spoke English.

Interpreter noun a person whose job is to translate what somebody is saying into another language

  • The interpreter helped the tour group navigate Tokyo.

  • through an interpreter – Speaking through an interpreter, the President told the members of the United Nations that the peace talks were moving forward.

Interrelated adjective closely connected and affecting each other

  • The different parts of the ecosystem are interrelated, each playing a vital role in maintaining balance.

  • The historian explained how the various events of history were interrelated, leading up to the present-day conflict.

Interrogate verb to ask somebody a lot of questions over a long period of time, especially in an aggressive way

  • The detective had to interrogate the suspect to get to the bottom of the crime.

  • The customs officer began to interrogate the traveler to make sure he wasn’t carrying any illegal goods.
The prefix inter- A customs officer interrogated the suspicious  traveler.

Interrogation noun the act of asking somebody a lot of questions over a long period of time, especially in an aggressive way

  • The interrogation was intense and lasted for over 7 hours. 

Interrogative adjective (grammar) used in questions

  • The word “Who” is an interrogative pronoun.

Interrupt verb to say or do something that makes somebody stop what they are saying or doing

  • Please do not interrupt me while I’m speaking.

  • My mother always told me that it’s rude to interrupt

Interruption noun something that temporarily stops an activity or a situation; a time when an activity is stopped

  • The sudden interruption caused the speaker to lose his train of thought.

  • A strong electrical storm caused an interruption of power throughout the city.

Intersect verb (of lines, roads, etc.) to meet or cross each other

  • The interests of the two groups intersected when they discovered a shared passion for the environment.

  • The two lines intersect at a single point on the graph.

Intersection noun a place where two or more roads, lines, etc. meet or cross each other

  • The intersection of Main Street and First Avenue is a busy spot in the city.

Intersex adjective describing or relating to a person or animal that has both male and female sex organs or other sexual characteristics; born with sexual characteristics that do not fit the categories of either ‘male’ or ‘female’

  • Intersex individuals face unique challenges related to their gender identity.

Interstate noun (in the US) a wide road, with at least two lanes in each direction, where traffic can travel fast for long distances across many states.

  • The interstate highway system makes it easy for people and goods to travel across the country.
The prefix inter- The interstate highway system makes it easy to travel across the country.

Interstellar adjective between the stars in the sky

  • The science fiction movie took place in an interstellar world, full of aliens and space battles.

  • The astronomer discovered an interstellar object passing through the solar system.

Intertwine verb if two or more things intertwine or are intertwined, they are twisted together so that they are very difficult to separate

  • The two stories are intertwined, creating a complex and intriguing plot.

  • The vines in the garden were intertwined to create a beautiful and natural archway.

Interview noun a formal meeting at which somebody is asked questions to see if they are suitable for a particular job, or for a course of study at a college, university, etc.

  • She prepared thoroughly for her job interview and felt confident going into it.
The prefix inter- She prepared thoroughly for her job interview and felt confident going into it.

Interview verb to talk to somebody and ask them questions at a formal meeting to find out if they are suitable for a job, course of study, etc.

  • After the accident police interviewed several witnesses to get an idea of what happened.

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