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Most viewed English videos

So and Such (English grammar)

Past tense of READ and Past Participle of READ – (Easy English grammar📕)

How to use ADJECTIVES as NOUNS – A helpful guide (English Grammar)

English Grammar – Hasn’t or Doesn’t have? (another great student question!)

English Adjectives – Fact or Opinion (Use them correctly!)

Recommended Textbooks and Online resources


A free tool to check your spelling and grammar (I use it all the time myself!)
(*Signing Up Supports this free English BLOG! I am a Grammarly affiliate and receive a commission for new sign-ups)

Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries

My favorite online Dictionary for ESL students
・Easy to understand definitions and examples
・Pronunciation audio for all words

Cambridge Grammar in Use

My favorite English grammar textbook
・Clear instructions
・Learn with lots of examples – I am NOT an Oxford affiliate (I just really like this textbook.)

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