Helpful English Resources

Learn the answer with one of my popular posts.

How to Use the Suffix -NESS (Real examples + PDF)

Increase your vocabulary with a popular Suffix post.

Verb and Noun Pairs 200 examples (Pronunciation Guide+PDF)

Another helpful post with lots of audio for listening practice.

The ULTIMATE English video resource

Unlock your full potential in English with my YouTube channel. Use VIDEO to take your communication skills to the next level!

Visit the link below to look through all the helpful English videos that I have created.

Other teaching tools that I use

Cambridge Grammar in Use

My favorite English grammar textbook
・Clear instructions
・Learn with lots of examples – I am NOT an Oxford affiliate (I just really like this textbook.)

Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries

My favorite online Dictionary for ESL students
・Easy to understand definitions and examples
・Pronunciation audio for all words

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