How to use the English preposition AT (11 examples)

Common uses with the English preposition AT

In English, we use the adjectives good, bad, better, worse, with the preposition AT, plus a subject. (Math, Science, History, English etc.)

“I’m not good at history but I’m good at math.”

“Allen is better than me at history but worse at math.”

“We are both bad at science, but we are studying hard to get better. (At science.)”

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In English, we use the preposition AT with the verbs LOOK and STARE.

“My eyes are sore because I stare at a computer screen all day.”

“It’s not polite to stare at people.”

“-Look at that! A bird flew into to window!”

“Hey look at Joe, he wants to show us something.”

In English, we also use the preposition
AT with these verbs. 

Laugh AT

“When I dropped my soup at lunchtime everyone laughed at me.”

Shoot AT

“I went hunting with my Dad one time. I shot at many birds, but I didn’t hit anything.”

Point AT / Point (something) AT

“When you use a spray can be careful not to point it at anyone’s eyes or face.”

“Joe is pointing at the sky. There’s a man flying!”

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