5 most popular English blog posts – 2018


My 5 most popular World English Blog posts of 2018


Below is a collection of my 5 most visited blog posts from 2018. With these posts, you can…
  • Increase your English vocabulary
  • Learn useful English expressions
  • Improve your English grammar
  • Listen to English  audio (10 expressions with TIME)
  • Download a FREE English PDF (See Watch Look at)
  • Take an interactive quiz (Either and Neither)

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope all my English posts have been helpful for you this year. I look forward to helping you reach all your ESL goals for 2019!


Sweetener – root word practice (English vocabulary) Sept. 2018

I started to use a sweetener called “stevia” in some recipes. This sweetener has been used in Japan for more than 30 years! I asked my students if they knew about stevia and then we talked about sweeteners. Read more:

English vocabulary ~ See/Watch/Look Mar. 2018
Learn to use these English words correctly. Don’t confuse them any more. Download my See/Watch/Look at PDF e-book! Read more:


Learn 50 common English phrasal verbs June 2018

What is a phrasal verb?

In English, a phrasal verb is a combination (mixture) of two or three words to make a phrase with a single meaning. Phrasal verbs combine a verb and a particle or a verb and a preposition. Read more:

10 common English expressions with TIME! 30 Natural sentence examples! (+ Audio!) Feb. 2018

Read this post and learn to use these expressions, then come back and listen to the audio to hear natural English pronunciation from a native speaker. Me! Read more:


How to use Neither and Either (Interactive QUIZ too!) April 2018

The word either sometimes has a similar meaning to the word neither but they are often confused and used incorrectly. In this lesson, I will explain the difference so you can use these words correctly and with confidence! Read more:

Keep learning!


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