How to use SOME and ANY – Quiz + Audio (25 real examples)

・SOME is used with positive sentences: “I bought SOME apples.” “I’ve got SOME time.”
・ANY is used with negative sentences: “I didn’t buy ANY apples.” “I haven’t got ANY time.”
SOME and ANY are usually used with plural countable nouns (apples) or uncountable nouns (time).

Some and Any – Definitions

As a basic rule we use some (somebody/someone/something) in + positive sentences and any (anybody/anyone/anything) in – negative sentences.

Please look at the definitions below.

some determiner Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries
① used with uncountable nouns or plural countable nouns to mean ‘an amount of’ or ‘a number of’ when the amount or number is not given

  • I think there’s some pizza left if you’re still hungry.
  • My neighbor gave me some tomatoes from her garden. 
  • I have some time this afternoon if you need help.

②​​ used to refer to certain members of a group or certain types of a thing, but not all of them

  • Some teachers give a lot of homework to their students. 
  • Whenever I buy a dozen eggs some are always bigger than others.
  • Some people can eat whatever they want and they never seem to gain weight.

In positive sentences some is usually used instead of any

Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries

any determiner Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries
① used with uncountable or plural nouns in negative sentences and questions, to refer to an amount or a number of something, however large or small

  • Do you have any tissues? I have a runny nose. 
  • Sorry, I don’t have any tissues. They’re in my other purse. 
  • It seems like I never have any time for myself.

②​ used with singular countable nouns to refer to one of a number of things or people when it does not matter which one

  • You can borrow any book you like.
  • Could you hand me a piece of chalk please? Any color is fine.
  • Any teacher will tell you that class sizes are too big these days.

In negative sentences and questions, any is usually used instead of ‘some’: I don’t want any more vegetables. • Is there any wine left? However, some is used in questions that expect a positive reply: Would you like some milk in your coffee? • Didn’t you borrow some books of mine?

Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries
Lilian made some money babysitting last weekend.Kevin didn’t buy any flowers. 
Mom just baked some cookies. Would you like some?We had a special park ticket and we could ride any roller coaster we wanted. 
I heard something outside.I was too surprised to say anything
The boss liked my report, he said there were some good ideas in it.I’m free all day tomorrow, we can meet anytime you like.
I saw some surfers in the ocean this morning.There was hardly anyone at the mall, it was almost empty.

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Some and Any – Countable and Uncountable

Some and any both talk about an amount of something. This means more than one so we don’t use these words with singular countable nouns.

  • My neighbor gave me some tomato from her garden.  NG
  • My neighbor didn’t give me any tomato from her garden. NG

 Only plural countable nouns and uncountable nouns.

  • My neighbor gave me some tomatoes from her garden. OK
  • My neighbor didn’t give me any tomatoes from her garden. OK

Questions with Some and Any

Some and any are both used in questions. Some is used to talk about a person or thing that we know or believe exists.

  • I saw Michael standing by the door, is he waiting for somebody
  • Could I get some coffee, please?

If we are not sure if a person or thing exists we will use any in our question.

  • Does anyone have any questions?
  • Has anybody seen Michael today? 

Any is also used with the preposition OF in questions.

  • Do you still talk to any of your friends from high school?

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If Any

The word if is followed by any in some common English conversations.

  • If you have any questions please see me after class.
  • There’s more pizza left if anybody wants another slice.

Another use for SOME

(informal, sometimes ironic) used to express a positive or negative opinion about somebody/something

A: That was some game last night!
B: I know! I can’t believe it went to double overtime.
Both people feel that the game was amazing.

Some and Any – Quiz

Test your English!

Some and Any Quiz answer AUDIO

Quizzes are a great way to test your English skill. Audio files are a great way to improve your English listening skills. I put these two awesome tools together to really help you take your English to the next level. *This is audio of me reading the correct answers to the quiz. Don’t listen until AFTER you have answered the quiz questions!

Some and Any – Printable Quiz PDF worksheet

Download the Quiz as a printable PDF worksheet. Great for teachers to use with private or group classes.

Some and Any Infographic

Some and Any Infographic

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