Saturday English Quick SHOT – Do you know what a CONVERSATION PIECE is?

English quick shot

English expression – Conversation Piece

I teach some of my one on one English lessons at Starbucks. I have a reusable plastic coffee cup that I use when I buy a coffee. I bought the cup in Canada, and the design of the cup is not sold in Japan. The staff always ask me about it. It’s a good conversation piece at Starbucks. (Starting natural conversations is a great way to practice my second language! [Japanese])

Do you know what a conversation piece is?

A conversation piece is an item that is unique or unusual that is interesting so people will ask you questions about it.

Here is the definition from

an object that is talked about a lot because it is unusual

“I’ve never seen a cup like this before. Where did you get it?”

Also – Conversation starter

We can also use the expression conversation starter. This is often used with items of clothing. Items that encourage strangers to talk with you. (Especially if you want to talk to a guy or a girl for the first time.)

Do you have a conversation piece in your house? Do you carry anything with you that is a conversation starter? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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