Saturday English Quick SHOT – Signature Noun (and Adjective?)

English quick shot

English vocabulary – signature

I was watching an English TV show about Hawaii with my wife. During the show, they visited a restaurant, and the waiter showed them a menu. He pointed to a fancy cake and said: “This is our signature dessert.”

My wife asked me what signature dessert means. She knows that a signature is your name as you usually write it. Often written on an official document.

“This contract needs your signature.” [noun]

If your signature is unique and only made by you, you can imagine that a signature dessert is a dessert that is unique and only available at this restaurant. It is a specialty that is closely connected to this restaurant.

How we use this adjective

The adjective signature is often used for food connected to a restaurant, also for music.

“Freddie Mercury’s vocal range is part of Queen’s signature sound.” [adjective]

*Vocal range is how much someone can change the sound of their singing voice from high sounds to low sounds.

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Signature Noun (and Adjective?)

From Mirriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary

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