Learn 5 Phrasal Verbs with GO (VIDEO and 10 examples)

Learn 5 Phrasal Verbs with “GO”

Clear definitions with real example sentences.
Watch the video to improve your English listening skills.

Helpful slides from the video ↓

Go out – to go outdoors; to leave one’s house;
to take part in social activities

A: “Where’s Donnie?”
B: “I’m not sure. He went out about 20 minutes ago but he said he’d be back soon.”
= he left the house about 20 minutes ago

“I’m bored, let’s go out!” = let’s do something fun, be social

Go away – to move or travel away from 
a person or place

“If he’s bothering you tel him to go away.” = tell him to go to another place (to not be here)

A: “Any plans this summer?”
B: “My family and I will go away for the long weekend.”
= we will travel on the long weekend

Go for – to have or achieve something
“If you want it, go for it!” = do what you need to do in order to have or achieve something

“He’ll be going for his third straight Olympic gold medal.”

Go down – to become lower in level; to decrease

“Food prices have gone down recently.” = the cost of food is lower than before

A: “How was your vacation?”
B: “It was great! I sat on the beach and watched the sun go down every night.”

Go on – to last for a particular period of time; to
continue doing something [+ ~ing verb]

“Please go on with what you’re doing and don’t let me interrupt you.”
= Please continue what you are doing

“My boss’s speech seemed to go on forever.” = the speech lasted a long time

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