English listening practice ~ 1 minute English! “Bucket List”


bucket list (noun) a list of things that you want to do before you die 

~This expression comes from the term “kick the bucket” which is slang that means to die. *This expression is very informal, it can be rude or insensitive (not sensitive/not caring)

“I really want to go bungee jumping one day. It’s on my bucket list.”

100 year old woman gets arrested 
to fulfill her “Bucket List”

Listen with the player below – SoundCloud podcast at the bottom of the post.

A Dutch woman was getting close to her 100th birthday and she asked the local police to “arrest” her to fulfill an item on her bucket list.


Police in Holland, said the elderly lady told them that she is nearly 100 years old and has never been arrested. She said she always wanted to know what it was like to “experience a police cell from within.” (within = inside something)


The police handcuffed her and put her in a cell, and then took pictures of her smiling when she showed off the handcuffs for the camera.

Police posted the photos on Facebook.

Have you ever been arrested? What’s on your “Bucket list?”
Listen below!

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