"End up" Phrasal verb

“End up” is a phrasal verb that can be confusing for some, so lets look at it today.

End up means: become eventually, happen in the end. Lets look at some examples.

“We thought about many places to go on our vacation, but we ended up staying in Tokyo during our holidays.” We considered many places to visit but eventually, finally we stayed in Tokyo. In the end we didn’t go anywhere.

“I try not to eat a lot of chocolate and candy. I don’t want to end up fat like a sumo wrestler!” I will become like a sumo wrestler if I am not careful with my diet! In the end, I don’t want become fat.

End up can be used for both negative and positive situations. The meaning is only that whatever happened is the final result.
“I tried on 3 pairs of shoes, but I ended up buying the brown ones.” This is not positive or negative, only the final action. I bought the brown shoes.

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