Some phrasal verbs with "OUT"

In English, we often use phrasal verbs in conversation. A phrasal verb is a verb that is used together with another word, and together they have a new meaning. Here is an example:
LOOK OUT! A car is coming!” – LOOK OUT is a phrasal verb. Look is a verb, the meaning of look is :
to turn one’s head or eyes so you can see something.
“Hey, look outside! There is a bird sitting on your bike!”
But if we use the verb LOOK with the word OUT the meaning changes to “be careful!” It becomes a warning.
LOOK OUT! A car is coming!” = “Be careful! A car is coming!”

We can also use “WATCH OUT!” it has the same meaning.
Do you understand a phrasal verb now? Lets look at a few more.

“I didn’t finish college, I DROPPED OUT after second year.” The verb drop means:
to cause or let fall.
“I dropped my wallet in a puddle, now my cards are all wet!”
Can you guess the meaning of DROP OUT? It means to stop before you have completely finished something.
I didn’t finish college, I DROPPED OUT after second year.” = “I quit college before I finished my program.”

One more. “I don’t have anything to eat in my fridge. Lets EAT OUT tonight.”
This is an easy one. EAT OUT means eat at a restaurant, not at home.

My kitchen is a little messy, lets EAT OUT tonight!

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