English suffix -OUS (Example sentences + VIDEO)

The English suffix -OUS

In July of 2017, some dangerous ants were found in Oi, a port in Tokyo. The ants are called ‘fire ants’ and they are poisonous! I thought this story would be a great way to introduce the English suffix -ous.

ant [noun ] a small insect that lives in highly organized groups. 

port [noun] a place where ships load and unload goods
 or shelter from storms

English suffix -ous

From this news, we used 2 adjectives with the suffix ~ous. Dangerous and poisonous.

dangerous – likely to injure or harm somebody, or to damage or destroy something

poisonous – causing death or illness if swallowed or absorbed into the body

(All definitions in this post come from Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries)

A simple way to think of these 2 adjectives is to look at the root word, this means the part of the word that comes before the suffix ous.

danger (ous) If a situation has danger it is dangerous.

poison (ous) If something has poison it is poisonous.

2 adjectives with the English suffix -ous. Dangerous and poisonous.

More examples

Many adjectives that use the suffix ~ous have this basic meaning. 

adventurous – (of a person) willing to take risks and try new ideas; enjoying being in new, exciting situations ~ ready for adventure

“For the more adventurous tourists, there are trips into the mountains with a local guide.”

fame [noun] – the state of being known and talked about by many people
“She went to Hollywood in search of fame and fortune.”
famous – known about by many people
~ A famous person is someone who has fame.

“After years of hard work she became a famous actress.”

A hike for the adventurous.
A famous actress.

When I was 22 I toured the mountainous region of New Zealand. It was beautiful. (The area has many mountains)

When I was 22 I toured the mountainous region of New Zealand. It was beautiful. English suffix -ous
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