How to Increase your English vocabulary with the suffix ~PROOF

Let’s learn how to use the English suffix PROOF today, we can use it to make new words and grow our vocabulary!

What is a suffix?

A suffix is a letter or group of letters added to the end of a word to make another word, such as -ly in quickly or -ness in sadness

I made this vocabulary quiz for my Facebook followers a few years ago.

English suffix PROOF The windows of the president’s limousine are bulletproof.

The answer is…

The windows of the president’s limousine are bulletproof.

bulletproof [adjective] designed to resist the penetration of bullets.

  • Members of the swat team wear a bulletproof vest when they work.
  • Superman is bulletproof.
  • The stores in the bad parts of town usually have bulletproof glass in their windows. I never go there!
English suffix PROOF 
Super man is bulletproof.

We also use bulletproof to talk about an idea, plan or concept. The plan has no errors, guaranteed to succeed. 

  • You’ve thought about this plan well, it sounds bulletproof.
  • This method of cooking French toast is bulletproof.

Proof as an English suffix

The English suffix proof is used with many other nouns to mean protected against or not damaged by

Here are 5 more examples of nouns that we use with the suffix proof

waterproof – Not allowing water to enter

“My new shoes are waterproof so I can wear them in the rain.”

I go fishing a lot so I bought a waterproof smartphone. English suffix PROOF

fireproof – Not catching fire 

“The bank safe is fireproof, so even if there’s a fire at the bank the money in the safe won’t get burned.”

I go fishing a lot so I bought a waterproof smartphone. English suffix PROOF
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baby proof – Protecting babies from accidentally getting hurt (This often used as a verb)

“After our son started walking we baby proofed our kitchen so he wouldn’t get hurt. The cabinets can’t be opened and we covered the electrical sockets.”

We baby proofed our home.

foolproof – For a device: protected, or designed to be proof against misuse or error.  (Even a fool can use it)

For an idea or plan: (Even a fool can do it) source

“I just learned a foolproof way to cook French toast in the microwave! It’s easy and perfect every time.”

Before you start your own company you need to write a foolproof business plan. English suffix PROOF

soundproof – adjective – preventing or constructed of a material that prevents, the passage of sound.

“I just bought some soundproof insulation to reduce the street noise in my living room.”

My home recording studio has special soundproof foam on the walls.

verb – make (a room or building) resistant to the passage of sound.

“Professional recording studios have soundproofed walls.”

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