Share your ideas in English (with Video)

Giving your Opinion 💭  Expressing your feeling 💬

this post, you will learn how to share your ideas in English. Give your opinion to friends in English. What’s an opinion?

opinionnoun – your feelings or thoughts about someone or something, rather than a fact

Share your feelings and thoughts with these expressions!

I think

  • I think the government should do more to help the homeless.”
  • I think that children are very lucky today. They have many chances to get a good education.” (Children are lucky now. Especially compared to the past.) 
  • I think hosting the Olympics is a great idea.”

In my opinion

  • In my opinion, the Olympics will be really good for the country’s economy.”
  • “The country needs a new president in my opinion. We need to move in a new direction.”

As far as I’m concerned

  • As far as I’m concerned the government should focus more on health care than on a sports contest.”
  • “Our current leader is doing fine as far as I’m concerned.”

If you ask me

  • If you ask me there are too many government rules for starting your own business. They should encourage people to create their own jobs.”
if you ask me oscars
What do you think?

Agreeing with other’s opinions

Here are 3 natural expressions and phrases that we use to show we agree with someone else’s idea or opinion.

I agree.

👴“I think the government should do more to help the homeless.”
👨“I agree. We should all try to help the homeless and each other whenever we can.”

I think so too.

👨“In my opinion, the Olympics will be really good for the country.”
👧“I think so too. The Olympics can bring a lot of money to the local economy.”

You’re right. / I think you’re right.

👨“Hosting the Olympics is expensive! There are better ways for the country to spend our money.”
👴“Yes, I think you’re right. The government needs to invest money where it is needed the most.”

I think so too, I think so
Do you agree?

Disagreeing with other’s opinions

Sometimes we agree BUT… sometimes we disagree! What if we don’t share the same idea or opinion as the person we are talking to? Here are 2 natural phrases that we use to disagree with someone else’s opinion.

I don't think so, I disagree

*You can use these phrases by themselves, but when you disagree with someone it is natural (and polite) to explain the reason(s) you don’t agree.

I disagree. I don’t agree.

“Giving money to the homeless is helpful? I disagree. It’s not good to just give money to people, it’s better to teach them how to take care of themselves. Offer them job training and affordable places to stay.”

I don’t think so.

“You think the Olympics will bring a lot of money to the local economy. I don’t think so. What about the 2006 winter Olympics in Turin, Italy? I heard that the city lost 32 million dollars because of the Olympic costs.”

Giving your opinion
You don’t think so?
I think learning English is a great idea!
Listening to natural English sentences spoken 
by a native speaker is the best way to 
learn in my opinion!

Watch the video here!


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