On time / In time

Lets use some more prepositions today.

ON time = not late

If something happens ON time, it happens at the time which was planned.


“The 10:35 train was ON time.” = It left at 10:35, it left the station at it’s planned time.
“Lets meet at the restaurant at 6:30 tomorrow. Please be ON time because we have a reservation.” = Please don’t be late.

The opposite of “ON time” is “late.”

IN time = soon enough

We say someone is IN time for something, or IN time to do something.


“My train is late, I hope I am home IN time for dinner.” = Soon enough for dinner.
“I sent my sister a birthday gift. I hope it arrives IN time.” = For her birthday.
“I hope I get home IN time to watch the baseball game.” Soon enough to watch the game.

The opposite of “IN time” is “too late.”

Ah! I have to go! I want to be on
time for  my meeting!

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