How to use the adverb EVEN (12 examples)

In this post, you will learn how to use the adverb EVEN in natural English conversation. Learn 2 ways to use this adverb with 12 real examples and 2 helpful infographics!

I was talking to my Canadian friend last week who also lives in Japan. We were talking about how hard many Japanese people work. They will not miss work, even if they are sick!

We often use the adverb even in natural conversation, so I thought it would make a nice blog post. It can help people who study English sound more natural. Please look at the examples below:

even (adverb)

(Definitions from Oxford Learner’s Dictionary)

used to emphasize something unexpected or surprising

I see the same woman doing yoga in the park every morning, even if it’s raining. (It’s surprising to see someone doing yoga in the park when it’s raining.)  

My whole family came to my birthday party! Even my brother who lives in Rio.  (I didn’t expect my brother to come from Brazil for my party.)

to make a comparison stronger

This new TV was only $850! It was even cheaper than I thought. (The price of the TV was much lower than I thought.)   

None of us could believe how great Jenna looked at the reunion. She was even more beautiful than we remembered. (Compared to our memories she was much more beautiful.)

How to use the adverb even

We can use even before a verb

Mark loves to eat sushi, he even goes to the most expensive restaurant in Tokyo. Dinner at the restaurant is around $200! 

When I was young I collected comic books. I even had the first issue The X-men. 

We also say not even

Wade lost his wallet Friday night. He didn’t even have enough money for a subway ticket. He had to walk home, 18 km.

My arms are so tired from helping Trevor move yesterday. I can’t even lift my backpack today.

How to use the adverb even

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