World Cup English vocabulary “PLACE” (4 different meanings)

The word place has more than 10 different uses in English! Here are 4 examples:



Meanings from:

1. location or area

“This looks like a good place for our picnic. Many trees will give us lots of shade.”

2. position or seat especially one that is available for a person or a thing

“Hi Steven, you can sit with us! I saved you a place.”

“Is there some place I can put my school books?”

3. role or importance of somebody/something in a situation, usually in relation to others

A: “I’m having a difficult time with my son, he hates school. What can I do?”
B: “I don’t have kids so I’m in no place to give advice.”


Here is a 4th meaning that relates to races and 

competitions like the World Cup:

4. A position among the winners of a race or competition.
“I trained hard for the race and I finished in first place!”

World Cup! 


Did you watch the tournament?

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