English Preposition Collection (11 posts + 4 quizzes)

Learn English prepositions with this collection of my blog posts and quizzes.


An English grammar topic that I spend a lot of time teaching my private and company students is prepositions. All parts of grammar are helpful to learn, but I like to teach prepositions for two reasons.

  1. These little words are easy to confuse. Probably because there are so many of them.
  2. When I started using prepositions correctly in Japanese (my own second language) it really increased my confidence.

Below is a list of 11 blog posts that I have written about English prepositions over the past 5 years. Learn English prepositions and try the 4 preposition QUIZ posts to test your understanding. Please use these posts to increase your own English confidence, and your overall English skill!

*Confidence is more important than perfect grammar – for most English communication. I’m confident to use Japanese because I can be understood (most of the time!). If I am taking with someone in Japanese, and I understand them and they understand me, this is successful communication. Even if I use incorrect grammar I can be understood. Correct grammar comes from practice. If you are not confident to practice, it’s hard to improve.

Language Improvement Cycle

I also noticed that if I knew the correct preposition to use in a sentence, I was more confident to talk. So prepositions are great points to study because they will increase your confidence. When you are more confident, you use English more. You use English more, and as a result, your English gets better. You improve.

Preposition QUIZZES

Check out these other great blog posts!

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