English idioms "Dirty look"

Dirty look

Today let’s look at an idiom with look. Look is a verb, and most often used with the proposition at.

“Hey look at that girl over there with the grey skirt. I think she’s waving at me!”

But look can also be a noun, it means an act of looking at somebody or something. The noun form is also often followed by the proposition at.

“Have a look at this.”

“Take a look at last week’s sales total! We sold over 500 units!”

So if we use the noun form of look with the adjective dirty can you guess the meaning?

“After I took the last piece of cake my brother gave me a dirty look.”

A dirty look is a look that shows someone’s anger or disappointment. This phrase is usually used with the verb GIVE.

“When my mother gives me a dirty look I know I did something bad and soon I’ll be in trouble!”

Do sometimes give dirty looks?

Do sometimes get dirty looks?

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