IN the Shade – Preposition IN Common expression (2021)

in the shade
Summer is here! 
Readers of my blog come from all over the world, some places cooler and some places warmer. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere it’s summer! Do you remember the meaning of hemisphere?

hemisphere meaning

I want to teach you some useful English that we can use to talk about summer activities and of course the weather. We’ll practice a common phrase today and learn the correct preposition to use with it. There is also a section to help you with pronunciation.

When it’s hot outside it’s good to be “out of the sun.” The sun can make us feel hot and also burn our skin if we’re not careful. On a hot sunny day, we want to be in the shade. This is today’s expression.

🌞In the shade🌴

shade – nounan area that is cool and dark under or behind something, under a tree, or behind a building, for example, protected from the sun’s light. Definition from:

Shade is a cool area and we want to be inside of it, so we use the preposition in. Be in the shade.

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Here are some more natural example sentences of verbs with the phrase in the shade.
🔴“It’s getting hot, let’s get in the shade.”
🔴“We like to set up our picnic under a tree in the shade. It’s more comfortable.”
🔴“My friend will meet us here in 15 minutes. We should wait over there in the shade.”
🔴Is it hot yet where you live? Where is a good place to sit in the shade?

I also learned something from my students here in Japan. (This is one of the advantages of being an active English teacher, live feedback!) The word shade can be easy to mispronounce if you have never heard it. If you only read the word, the sound is not so clear.


Here is the sound shade makes:

SH is like “Shhh….! This is a library, please be quiet.”
ADE is like AID “I cut my finger and now I need a band-aid.”
band aid
“It’s hot and sunny today so let’s put our picnic blanket in the shade under that big tree.”
in the shade

I found a song on YouTube called In The Shade. Lucky! The pronunciation is long because the word is sung not spoken but I hope it’s helpful!

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