An apple a day… Listening practice!

Audio listening practice!
 Listen to the MP3 from the story and fill in the blanks.
Click the image the audio!
An apple a day keeps the doctor away

New research says eating an apple every day can _____ your body from a heart attack. The research is from Oxford _______ in England. The researchers said if people in England over 50 years old ate a daily apple, 8,500 _____ people would die each year from heart attacks and strokes. They added that if all adults ate more fruit and _________ every day, there would be 11,000 fewer deaths in England. Lead researcher Dr Adam Briggs ______ how healthier eating can have big effects on our health. He said: “It just shows how effective small changes in diet can be, and that both drugs and _____ living can make a real difference in preventing heart disease and stroke.”

The phrase “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” ______ the English language over 100 years ago. People in the 19th century knew about the benefits of apples. Scientists in the 21st ______ are still telling us. Apples contain chemicals that lower _______ in our bodies. Too much cholesterol increases the risk of ______ a heart attack. says there are more than 7,500 different _____ of apples. In 2010, we ate 69 _______ tons of the fruit. China grows _____ half of the world’s apples. The USA is the second-leading producer, with around six per cent of the world’s _________. People do many things with apples, from eating them raw, baking them, stewing them, and making _____ and cakes with them.
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