Advanced English weather word "humid" + pronunciation!

Sometimes it’s easy to confuse the different forms (noun, verb, adjective, adverb) of words that are part of the same group. We have been talking about the weather, so today I want to practice using the noun and adjective form of a word that we use to describe the condition of the air. The words are:


 adjective *This form the most common for me to use in conversation 🙂


(of the air or climate)warm and dampThese ferns will grow best in a humid atmosphere.The island is hot and humid in the summer.




the amount of water in the airInstruments constantly monitor temperature and humidity.high/low humidity70% humidity

When we pronounce these words the HU has a HYU sound like VIEW. Listen to the audio for help making these sounds.

humidity – noun – “The humidity is high today, it feels so warm outside.”

humid – adjective – “It’s very humid today.”

*Humidity describes how much water is in the air or how wet the air is. So the the opposite of humid is simply DRY. The weather can be hot and humid (uncomfortable) or cool and dry (comfortable – for me!)

“It’s very humid today! Drink lots of water!”

Tell us about where you live! Is it humid or dry. Which season has the nicest weather? Leave a comment below!

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