The Suffix -most (14 real examples PLUS Video)

Prefixes and suffixes are like puzzle pieces that you can add to existing words to create new words. Confidently using the suffix -most it’s another great way to increase your English vocabulary. 

The suffix -most is used to turn nouns into adjectives that mean the nearest to
Topmost = nearest to the top
The suffix -most is also used with other adjectives to mean the furthest in one direction
Northernmost = the furthest North

You will find lots of new vocabulary here with natural example sentences to help you learn and understand the suffix -most.

Most as a Pronoun and Adverb

The word MOST has two forms. A pronoun/determiner, and an adverb. Please read the definitions below.

most [determiner, pronoun] – the largest in number or amount

  • “7-11 has the most convenience stores in Tokyo.”

most [adverb] – used to form the superlative of adjectives and adverbs of two or more syllables (used as the superlative of ‘much’, ‘a lot of’, ‘many’)

  • “She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.”

Most as a Suffix

-most suffix (in adjectives) the furthest
southernmost (= the furthest south)
topmost (= the furthest up/nearest to the top)

The suffix -most is also used with adjectives to make new adjectives that mean furthest in a particular direction
– The typhoon passed a group of islands in Okinawa, Japan’s southernmost prefecture, on Tuesday.

The Suffix -most Words and Example Sentences

all + most*almost
bottom + mostbottommost
eastern + mosteasternmost
fore + mostforemost
further + mostfurthermost
inner + mostinnermost
left + mostleftmost
northern + mostnorthernmost
rear + mostrearmost
outer + mostoutermost
southern + mostsouthernmost
top + mosttopmost
ut + most (?)*utmost
western + mostwesternmost

almost adverb
​not quite

  • I woke up late this morning and almost missed my train.

The Word Origin of Almost comes from Old English.
æl mǣst ‘for the most part’ a composite of all and most.

*This is the only word on our list that is an adverb, not an adjective. 

My Japanese English students sometimes confuse the words almost and most. How about you? I wrote a blog post and made a video to spend the difference. You can find them here > Most or Almost? Your best guide (16 real examples + Quiz)

backmost adjective
[usually before noun] furthest back

  • The kitten was scared and hid in the backmost corner of the room. 

foremost adjective
the most important or famous; in a position at the front

  • TV personality George Motz has been nicknamed the ‘foremost authority on hamburgers.’

furthermost adjective
located at the greatest distance from something

  • We traveled to the furthermost edge of the valley, and there we first spotted the wild gorillas.

innermost adjective [only before noun] ​(also less frequent inmost)
① most private, personal and secret

  • A therapist is someone you can share your innermost thoughts without feeling bad. 

② ​nearest to the center or inside of something

  • The precious jewels are kept inside the innermost vaults of the bank. 

leftmost adjective [only before noun]
furthest to the left

  • The accident caused cars and trucks to funnel into the leftmost lane, causing a traffic jam. 

outermost adjective [only before noun]
furthest from the inside or center

  • The outermost rainbands of the typhoon may bring rain and thunderstorms to the island.

*A rainband is a cloud with rain that is long and usually connected with a bigger storm.

Outermost is used with nouns like: edge, layer, and reach


rearmost adjective
furthest back

  • Luggage is stored in the rearmost section of the plane. 

topmost adjective [only before noun] (formal)

  • The birds like to sit on the topmost branches and sing their songs. 

utmost adjective (also less frequent uttermost) [only before noun]
​greatest; most extreme

  • Teachers must have the utmost patience when working with younger students.

The word origin of utmost comes from outermost. Old English ūt(e)mest ‘outermost’ (see out, -most). SOURCE

Directions With The Suffix -most 

The 4 cardinal directions are North East South and West. These four words are nouns and, like most nouns, they can also become adjectives when paired with other nouns. 

The east coast.

The four direction words can all also be paired with verbs and used as adverbs.

The window faces south

The prefix -most can be added to the directional adjectives Northern, Eastern, Southern, and Western to mean furthest in that direction

These new adjectives are in their superlative form which means they must be used with the article THE. 

Learn more about the superlative form at my blog post here > How to use English Superlatives (Your #1 guide, video, quiz)

easternmost adjective 
furthest east

  • This is the easternmost train line in Japan and it travels across a beautiful, untouched marshland in Hokkaido.

northernmost adjective
furthest north

  • The country’s northernmost airport is expanding. They are expecting many skiers to travel here to enjoy the mountains.

southernmost adjective
furthest south

  • The typhoon passed a group of islands in Okinawa, Japan’s southernmost prefecture, on Tuesday.

westernmost adjective
furthest west

  • The Canadian government has issued evacuation orders as wildfires are growing in the westernmost province of British Columbia.

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