I walked or I took a walk (Verb Vs. Noun Easy English)

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I took a walk VS. I walked

One of my students once asked me:

What’s the difference between ‘I took a walk in the park’ and ‘I walked in the park?’

These sentences mean the same thing but I can see the confusion. Some words have a noun and a verb form.  

Noun – Verb pairs with audio

How we can tell which form the word is in?

It’s important to know the difference so we can make our sentences with correct grammar.

Tell the difference

If we use an article in English (A, An & The are articles) the word that follows will be a countable noun (remember A/An The refer to 1 thing) “A banana.” “An orange.” “The watermelon.” Or a noun phrase “An old, brown banana.” “A tasty, Naval orange.” “The big, green watermelon.”

Learn all about English articles HERE

So if walk is used as a noun it will come after an article.
“I took a walk in the park.” – took is the verb in this sentence

BUT a verb comes after the subject of a sentence.
“I walked in the park.” – No article = verb

This is true for all words that have a verb and a noun form.
“I want to give you a hug!” – give is the verb in this sentence

“I want to hug you!” – No article = verb [TO HUG is the infinitive form of the verb.]

*This also applies to uncountable nouns that have a verb form.

Uncountable nouns don’t use the article a but they can follow the article the. They also follow quantifiers like much or a lot of/lots of. Please look at the following examples with word SMOKE:

“There is too much smoke in this restaurant.” – The quantifier TOO MUCH is describing the smoke so we know it is a noun.

“I don’t smoke anymore.” – ‘Smoke’ follows the sentence subject and doesn’t use an article or a quantifier. Smoke is a verb in this sentence.

Review English quantifiers at my Much / Many post HERE!

I walked VS. I took a walk
I walked VS. I took a walk

English practice time!

Think of 3 more words with a noun and a verb form and write a practice sentence for each word! Write an example in the REPLY section below so we can all see.

“Let Tony take the free kick. He kicks like Messi!”

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Thanks always to http://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/ for clear definitions.

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