Have Something Done – Grammar guide + PDF (20 real examples)

We use the grammar “have something done” if somebody else does something for us. We don’t do it ourselves. “I’m having my house painted next Friday.”
The grammar is HAVE/HAS + object + PAST PARTICIPLE – HAVING my house PAINTED

Have Something Done meaning

We use the grammar “have something done” if somebody else does something for us. We don’t do it ourselves. 

“I’m having my house painted next Friday.”

The grammar is HAVE/HAS + object + PAST PARTICIPLEHAVING my house PAINTED

This means that someone else will paint my house, not me. To have something done is most often used with a paid service. I’m paying someone else to paint my house for me. 

Painted is the past participle of the verb to paint.

past participlepainted
*Regular verbs (Verbs whose past tense ends with ED)
will have the same spelling for past and past participle.

Have Something Done Grammar

haveobjectpast participle
I will havemy housepainted on Friday.
Marc hadhis eyestested yesterday.

Have or Has – Different verb tenses.

Past had
I had my house painted by the same painters last year. They did a good job.

Continuous having
Mitchell is having his house painted right now. They should be done next week.

Future will have/is having
I think I will have my house painted next summer after I save up some money.

It can also be used in the negative.
Haven’t – We haven’t had our house painted in 11 years.
Hasn’t – Peter hasn’t had his house painted in 11 years.
Did not/Is not/Will not
Peter did not have his house painted last year.
Peter is not having his house painted now.
Peter will not have his house painted next year.

*In most cases the verb have can be replaced with the verb get and mean the exact same thing. 

  • I think I will get my house painted next summer
  • Peter will not get his house painted next year.

Let’s look at the difference between doing something yourself and having something done.

  • I’m painting my house next Friday. – I will do it myself.
  • I’m having my house painted next Friday. –  I will pay someone else to do it for me.

Have Something Done Examples

  • I just made an appointment at the salon. I’m having my hair cut next Thursday.
    (Cut is an irregular verb. The spelling doesn’t change for the present, past, or past participle form.)
past participlecut
  • My car has been making a funny sound recently. I think I need to have my engine checked.
past participlechecked
  • My parents just had an addition built onto their house. Now they have a new guest room.
past participlebuilt
  • Veronica is a model. She went to Paris to have some photographs taken by a famous French photographer.
past participletaken
  • I just bought some new jeans. They are a little long so I will take them to a tailor and have them shortened.
past participleshortened

Shorten is a verb that means to make short. The adjective short becomes a verb by adding the suffix EN. Learn more about the suffix EN >>here<<

Have something done can also have a negative meaning. Something was done to you that you didn’t want or need. Please look at the following examples.

  • Arthur had his wallet stolen during a subway ride in London.
past participlestolen
  • Tony had his passport taken at the embassy. He is not allowed to travel until after the trial.
past participletaken
  • Greg is a pro boxer. He has had his nose broken 3 times. Ouch!
past participlebroken

Have Something Done Quiz

Choose the correct verb from the box and change it to its past participle form.

  1. I lost my key. I need to have a new one _____.
  2. I can’t work tomorrow because I’m having my computer _____ at the electronics shop. The battery won’t hold a charge anymore.
  3. It’s almost spring, so now’s a good chance to have my winter coats _____ at the dry cleaner.
  4. I tried to cut my own hair once to save money but it turned out terrible. Now I pay to have it _____ every time.
  5. At his age he should have his eyes _____ every 6 months.
  6. There’s lots of news on the internet but I enjoy reading a newspaper. I have a newspaper _____ to my house every Saturday.
  7. Paula and Derek had some cash _____ from their hotel room on vacation. That’s terrible.
  8. I ordered the flowers last week and I will have them _____next Wednesday on our anniversary.
  9. The school had some windows _____ last night. I hope the police catch whoever did it.

 Have Something Done Quiz answer AUDIO

– Quizzes are a great way to test your English skill.
– Audio files are a great way to improve your English listening skills. I put these two awesome tools together to really help you take your English to the next level.

Have Something Done PDF worksheet

Download the Quiz as a printable PDF worksheet. Great for teachers to use with private or group classes.

Have Something Done Infographic

Have Something Done Infographic

Have Something Done Video

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