Use these IN and OUT Phrasal verbs and improve your confidence

Phrasal verbs with IN and OUT

Phrasal verbs – A verb plus 1 more word that has a new meaning.

Phrasal verbs are very common in spoken English. My private students here in Japan love to learn words and expressions that help them sound more like native speakers.

Today let’s look at more phrasal verbs with IN and OUT.

Drop in = to visit someone for a short time with no plan

  • If I have time tomorrow I’ll drop in to see Bill on my way home from school.

Plug in = connect a machine to a supply of electricity or a device to another machine

  • Can you plug in the cell phone charger for me? I need to charge my phone.
Phrasal verbs with IN and OUT - plug IN

*The opposite of “plug in” is unplug. (Not plug off)

  • You should unplug your computer when you’re not using it. It’s better for the battery.

Fill out = to write information on a form or an application

  • If I want to get a store credit card I have to fill out this form first.

Cut (something) out = to remove something from a magazine or newspaper

  • I like this photo of George Clooney so I cut it out of an old magazine.

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