6 English Phrasal verbs with CUT (17 examples)

Phrasal verbs with CUT 


Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries dot com lists 24 different uses for the verb CUT!


Many uses have a meaning that is easy to imagine, but some are not so common. In today’s post I want to share 6 phrasal verbs with CUT. I’ll explain the meaning and then help you understand it with lots of helpful examples! Are you CUT OUT to master these English expressions?

be cut out (for) – to have the qualities and abilities needed for something
“He’s not cut out for politics.”
“He’s not cut out to be a leader.”

– I guess I’m not cut out for the track team. (I lack the ability to run fast. I wouldn’t be a good track athlete.)
– Maybe I’m not cut out for this job. (I don’t think I have the qualities to do this job properly.)
– I’m just not cut out for flying. (I don’t have wings that can fly.)

cut out – if a motor or an engine cuts out, it suddenly stops working
“I was driving home after work and my engine suddenly cut out. Now I have to take my car to the shop. I hope it’s not going to be expensive!” (My car [engine] suddenly stopped working.)
*A phone or other electronic audio communication can CUT OUT.

cut across – to go across something in order to make your route shorter
“If we cut across the field, it’ll save time.” (The distance from here to where we are going will be shorter if we walk through the field)
“I usually cut across the park on my way home.”
*Cut through is also natural ~
“I usually cut through the park on my way home.”

cut back – to reduce something
cut (something) back ~ (also cut back (on something))
“The company wants to cut back on spending. No more flying first class for business trips.”

cut down – to reduce the size, amount or number of something 
“We need to cut the article down to 1000 words.” (reduce the size of the article.)
(Cut down can also have a similar meaning to cut back)
“The doctor told him to cut down on his drinking.” (reduce the amount of alcohol that he drinks. Drink less.)

cut off – cut (somebody) off – to interrupt somebody and stop them from speaking
“The president’s speech was cut off by loud protests.”

 cut off – cut (something) off  [often passive] to stop the supply of something to somebody
“Our water supply has been cut off.”
“They were cut off for not paying their phone bill.”

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