Tired OF or Tired FROM? (Easy English Grammar + Audio)

Do you know the difference between Tired OF and Tired FROM?

  • Tired of (something)
    had too much of something, or done something too much ~ to be bored with an activity, a thing or person
  • Tired from (something)
    some activity you have done has made you tired

Tired of

“I ate at Burger King everyday this week. I am tired of hamburgers now, let’s have pizza today!”
(I’ve eaten too many hamburgers recently. I’m bored of them now.)

“Jason works at an amusement park giving safety instructions on the balloon ride. He must be tired of saying the same thing all day every day!”
(Jason has given the same instructions many times! He must be bored saying them now.)

Tired at The Cambridge Dictionary

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Tired from

“I’m tired from playing with my daughter for 3 hours in the park today.”
(Playing with my daughter for 3 hours has made me feel tired.)

“Bernadette looks exhausted. She must be tired from all the work she did in the garden this morning.”
(Doing lots of work in the garden has made Bernadette feel tired.)

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