Apply TO or Apply FOR – Which is correct?

Should I say Apply to or Apply for?

One of my students asked me the difference between  Apply TO and Apply FOR. It’s a good question so I thought I would write a post for my blog readers. I hope it’s helpful! 😀

Apply FOR…

We usually apply for a thing we want to get.

Apply for a job/bank loan etc.
I’m going to apply for a credit card today.
Apply TO…

We usually apply to a place we want to go (a school) or a place we would like to work 

Apply to a location/university
I applied to the University of Toronto. I hope I get accepted!

When I first came to Japan I had to apply for a visa so I could stay in the country for more than 3 months.

Steve: What’s your plan after graduation?
Allen: First I will travel, then when I get back home I will start applying for jobs.
I applied to work in Dubai this autumn, my company is opening a new office there.
I got accepted to Harvard! I applied to 4 schools but Harvard is my first choice!
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