Present Continuous Tense (English verb Grammar)

Present Continuous Tense

I am drinking coffee.
am drinking” is the Present Continuous Tense

English grammar – Present continuous tense verbs

The present continuous tense uses a form of the verb to be + (verb) -ing.

I’m (am)doing
he/she/it iswaiting
you/we/they areeating

A: “Let’s call Kevin!”
B: “It’s only 7:00 am, I think he is sleeping.”

Negative – present continuous

We use NOT with the present continuous to show something isn’t happening at the time of speaking.

“Let’s go out, it’s not raining anymore.”

Other use – present continuous

We can also use the present continuous tense if an action has started but not yet finished, even if the action is not happening at the time of speaking.

“I’m reading the biography of Apple founder Steve Jobs now, it’s interesting.”

-At the time I am writing this sentence I am not reading the book. I’ve started reading the book last week but I haven’t finished it yet.

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