English Quick SHOT – Put (something) Up

English quick shot

In last week’s English Quick Shot, we learned a common use for the phrasal verb Put Out. The meaning we practiced was about putting out things like decorations, food, etc. This example came from dolls that are put out for a celebration in Japan called Girl’s Day. Today let me explain a different phrasal verb we also use for holiday decorations.

Put Up

One use for put up is to fix something in a place where it will be seen
We use put up with decorations, posters, paintings etc. that are placed on a wall. (Where it will be seen.) We put up something or we put something up.

Here are some examples.

There is a special events committee at my school. They are in charge of putting up the Halloween, Christmas and festival decorations.

The committee hangs posters and decorations on the walls around the school.

I love the Avengers! I bought an Infinity War poster today and I can’t wait to put it up on my wall.

I will attach the poster to my wall.

The new Apple store will open in 4 days. They put up a sign this morning, I saw it in the store window.

They placed a sign in the window that says when the store will open.

Put Up
One use for put up is to fix something in a place where it will be seen

More examples for Put Up @ https://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/definition/english/put-up?q=put+up

Last weeks English Quick Shot @ https://worldenglishblog.com/english-quick-shot-put-something-out/

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