Have To or Must – QUIZ answers

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1. We just bought a new washing machine and it has many settings. I wanted to wash my sweater yesterday but I didn’t know which setting to use. My wife had to show me.

~We use the past tense here to match the other two past tense verbs in our sentence, wanted and didn’t.

2. My cousin from Spain is coming to visit us next week. You must meet him! He’s really funny.

~Of course, have to is fine in this sentence but, because there was only one blank, not two, must is the correct answer here. If you answered with the contraction gotta as a one-word answer you are also correct, and you’re a superstar!

You gotta meet him! He’s really funny.

3. It started raining after lunch so we had to close the windows.

~In this sentence, the first clause “It started raining after lunch” is talking about a past event so we will use had to

4. The concert is free! You don’t have to pay for a seat.

~In this example we use the negative to show that something is not necessary.

5. Alice’s eyes are not so strong. If she wants to read a newspaper she has to wear glasses.

~The grammar is also correct with “must wear glasses” but there are two blanks in this sentence so has to is the best answer.

6. The elevator in my apartment is broken so I have to use the stairs. I live on the 12th floor!!!

~This sentence needs the simple present tense of have because the action of using the stairs will happen regularly. It will continue to happen until the elevator is repaired. (I hope it’s soon!)

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