Don’t hire a school, hire a teacher.

What makes me a good language teacher?

I have LOTS of experience.

  • Teaching English since 2006
  • Built an international English blog with hundreds of helpful posts (link)
  • I have published several English learning eBooks
  • I have taught nurses, medical students, an artist, an opera singer, office workers, business owners, people who study as a hobby and more! I do consulting for Japanese DVD subtitles and I currently teach at a public high school in Tokyo.
  • I also taught 合気道 from 1992 to 2008. I had my own dojo in Canada before coming to Japan. (道場長でした。)

I am a language teacher AND a language student so I understand the difficulties of my students. (日本語を勉強している- 頑張れます!) This is why I have created many tools to support my students.

My experience, plus being a creative and focused teacher/student has really helped me improve my teaching.

I offer a level of service that is not matched by anyone else!

Dave’s profile (日本語)

私はカナダから来たデイブ・スティンソンと申します。2006年に合気道をする為に日本に来ました。2006年から英語を教えています。マンツーマンレッスンやグループレッスンなどです。DVD の字幕翻訳も手伝い、 病院のスタッフ[看護師やリハビリスタッフなど]にも教えました。
Dave Stinson