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New Vocabulary

This is a list of new vocabulary we learned in the lesson.
Click the blue text for the pronunciation.

set up [phrasal verb] to build something or put something somewhere 
“I helped set up the conference room for an international meeting.”

inhale [verb] to take air, smoke, gas, etc. into your lungs as you breathe
“Lift your arms above your head and inhale as you stretch.”

resource [noun] a supply of something that a country, an organization, or a person has and can use, especially to increase their wealth
” Japan doesn’t have many natural resources.”

Natural Conversation


We had an international conference call with people in 4 countries. I helped set up the network.

Iran blames America for the attacks, America blames Iran.

It’s dangerous to inhale the smoke from an oil fire.

Japan has to import oil from other countries, it doesn’t have many natural resources.

I like to ski. I go to Nagoya every February for 2 weeks with my family.

People are coming today to clean the drainpipes in my apartment.


In English, the letters es make an IZ at the end of a word. (Sometimes written as əz)

I have 3 watches. (WATCH-IZ)

My company has branches all over the world. (BRANCH-IZ)