Winter weather vocabulary – sleet – With AUDIO! (Updated Jan. 2019)

We had some unusual weather in Tokyo today. (Jan. 2018) I thought I would use this chance to teach some English winter weather vocabulary and a phrasal verb that we often use when we talk about weather forecasts.

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What’s a weather forecast?
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A weather forecast is a description, for example on the radio or television, of what the weather will be like tomorrow or for the next few days

The news will be followed by a 5-day weather forecast.

Today in Tokyo we had sleet in the early afternoon that turned into snow at around 4:00.

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sleet – noun – a mix of rain and snow


Sleet makes the roads and sidewalks slippery.


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slipperyadjective – difficult to hold or to stand or move on, because it is smooth, wet or polished

His hand was slippery with sweat.

Sleet is a mix of rain and snow, but it can’t be used a verb like rain and snow.
The weather forecast said that it’s going to snow tomorrow. (Verb) OK
It will rain for the next 4 days! (Verb) OK ✔
It is sleeting now. NG X

It can be used as a noun. 

The weather forecast is calling for sleet tomorrow.
The weather forecast is calling for rain tomorrow.
The weather forecast is calling for snow tomorrow.

(These are all nouns)

Do you know the phrasal verb call for?
Call for is often used when we talk about the weather, specifically weather forecasts. It means weather experts have a reason to believe that certain weather will happen.

The weather report on Channel 6 news is calling for rain tomorrow.
calling for
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