What City Should You Actually Live In? What can we learn pt.4

Today let’s look at the last parts of the
What City Should You Actually Live In?
Online quiz…

This simply means what is your favorite alcoholic drink. We sometimes call a drink we like our ‘poison’ because of the many negative effects of alcohol!
This is a fun one! Your mate means your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife. Let’s take a look at some of the vocabulary that may be new for you.
Spontaneity – This means carefree and bold. Always ready to try something new without thinking or worrying too much.

Woo – verb – to romance someone.
“He wooed her with beautiful poetry.”

Witty trumps pretty. = Clever and funny is more important than looks. 
And finally…
The new vocab here for some may be ‘bloat.’ 
Bloat means to swell up or inflate. This word is often used by women if they feel like their body is keeping lots of water (liquids) inside.

I hope my guide to this popular online quiz was helpful! If you have more questions or there is another popular online quiz that you would like me to help with please leave a comment below!

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