What City Should You Actually Live In? What can we learn pt.2

Today let’s look at the next parts of the
What City Should You Actually Live In?
Online quiz…
The next 2 questions from this quiz are easier ones.

It equals what’s your favorite song?
We can call a song a ‘jam’ and a song that we like or we identify with is OUR ‘jam.’

This means “What do you really like to eat?”
THIS wasn’t too hard!!!
(I like pizza!)
Then this one can be a little more tricky…
A hashtag is this mark #
Sometimes this is called the number sign or the pound sign. The # is heavily used on Twitter.
I’ll be honest! I don’t know what all these #s mean, but you can check them out on Twitter to get some more info if you like.
Don’t forget my great English808 Twitter account! https://twitter.com/ABCDEnglish808
More on Monday!

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