Using Although/Though/Even though in English conversation

Although/Though/Even though

These words are conjunctionsConjunctions join words, phrases or sentences. And, but, etc. are examples of conjunctions.

We can use Although, Though, and Even though to join and contrast two ideas.

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contrastverb – to compare two things so you can show the differences between them

We contrast ideas by connecting two ideas that are different.

Although/Though we waited in line for 30 minutes, it was worth it. The roller coaster was awesome!”

We are contrasting waiting (not fun) with the ride being awesome (very fun).
 to show that we didn’t mind waiting.

*In spoken English though is much more common. Though can also be used at the end of a sentence.

“Bill and I are members of the same gym. I never see him though.”


We are contrasting the fact that I have a membership at the same gym as Bill with the fact that I don’t see him there.
It’s unusual.
We use even though for emphasis.

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emphasis – noun – special importance that is given to something.


“I went to the park, even though it was late.”

~ I’m giving special importance to the fact that it was late, an odd time (different) to go to the park.

“The train was very crowded today, even though it was the middle of the afternoon and not rush hour.”

~ This sentence is giving special importance to the fact that the train was busy during a time is usually not busy at all. 

Try to use these words in your own story in English. Contrast 2 ideas from your own experience!

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