Useful English vocabulary – straight

In English we can use the word straight in a few different ways. Let’s look at them today with examples:


1. Not in a curve or at an angle. In a direct line.

“When you talk to your boss you should look him straight in the eye. It shows you can be trusted.”

“Bill trained in the military for many years but he still can’t shoot straight.”

“It’s hard to draw a straight line without a ruler.”

2. By a direct route; immediately

“I went straight home after work.”

“Walter was very tired. After dinner he went straight to bed.”

3. In a level or vertical position.

“Many girls pay a lot of money to curl their hair but I think straight hair is very sexy.”

“My teacher always told me to ‘Sit up straight!'”

4. Honestly and directly.

“Donovan doesn’t like Christopher. He told him straight to his face.”

5. Continuously without interruption

“On Monday my wife had to work for 14 hours straight at her job.”

“The water’s warm! I drove straight in.”

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