Hi again and once more I’m sorry for not posting a new blog every week. Illness and a vacation are the reasons (excuses!)  Okay! Lets go!!!

I recently flew to Phuket Thailand and the airplane experienced some turbulence.
Lets look at the meaning first, then I want to look at pronunciation (sound) today.
Turbulence = movements of air pockets that can cause an airplane to shake while flying.
If you have ever flown in an airplane you have probably felt your plane suddenly move or shake, this is caused by air turbulence.

Pronunciation is important when learning a new language. It is the use of stress, rhythm and tone while speaking. The best way to learn pronunciation is to hear a native speaker and try to copy their sounds. Here I will use spelling that will help you to understand the sounds of the word. For example you know the pronunciation of telephone, the sound is telefone. In English we have a few examples of the letters PH making an F sound. Elephant for example sounds like “ELEFANT”

Turbulence sounds like TUR (like turn) BYU (like beauty) LENTS. TUR-BYU-LENTS.
Have you ever heard the word ambulance? In ambulance the “BU” makes the same “BYU” sound.

I hope this is helpful!

Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts
we are expecting some mild turbulence.

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