There is VS There are

There is VS There are

The verb “To be” has many uses. One use is to show that something exists or doesn’t exist. Today let’s look at There is VS There are

We use There is with singular nouns (only 1)
“There is a new shopping mall on Main street.” *Shopping mall is a singular noun. (1 mall)

We use There are with plural nouns (more than 1)
“There are many stores in the mall.” *Stores is a plural noun. (many stores)

Singular examples:
“There is a nice hotel near the airport.”
“There’s an big game on TV tonight!”
“There isn’t a parking lot close to the stadium so I’t’s better take the bus.”
We use There is… with uncountable nouns:
“There is some paper in the photocopier.”

Plural examples:
“There are 4 students waiting in your office.”
“There are many ways to solve this problem.”
“There aren’t many cafes near my office so I always bring coffee from home.”

Asking questions ~

“Are there many people in your office?”
“Is there a cafeteria at your school?”

We use Is there…? with uncountable nouns:
“Is there any coffee left?”

*Make some example sentences talking about things around your office, school or neighborhood practicing there is and there are. Ask questions too!

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