"Sweating Buckets!"

Hi everyone! Sorry it’s been a few weeks! Today is July 16, summer is here and Tokyo is very HOT! The hot weather is my excuse for not writing a new blog post for 2 weeks, but maybe I am a little lazy too 😉

Today’s idiom is “sweating buckets” and I have been sweating buckets since the beginning of June. Maybe you can imagine already that this idiom means to sweat a lot. Buckets can be used to collect water, and often in an emergency. When a boat (a small boat) is filling with water this is a problem, the boat could sink. We use a small bucket to take the water out of the boat. (It is called a “bailing bucket”)

Another problem is if we have a leak in our roof or ceiling and water is dripping down on the floor. When this happens we usually use a bucket to collect the water.

These are both problems and the feeling is that there is too much water. If we are sweating a lot the feeling is usually not good, and we are uncomfortable so we use bucket to say it’s too much.
“It’s so hot today! I’m sweating buckets!!!!!

How about you? Are you sweating a lot this summer? Are you sweating buckets? I am!!!
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