Study Tip

Here is study tip that I hope will be helpful for you when studying English with this blog. 
It is good to use any new words or phrases as soon as possible after you learn them. If you don’t have many chances to speak English you can write some practices sentences with any new words. 
It is also good to change the subject to make it more personal for you. 
For Example- if I learn ”Hiromi and Kentaro went to Italy. “ I would write a practice sentence like ”My wife and I went to Hakone.” This uses the correct grammar but it’s also a real experience for me so the phrase is easy to remember. I don’t know Hiromi or Kentaro so I don’t really care if they went to Italy, I have never even been there! I find this helpful in my own Japanese study, I hope it can help you too!

Let’s enjoy studying English!!

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