Springtime vocabulary – Useful English words to talk about this season

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Here are a few words we use in springtime that describe this beautiful season. 



to produce blossomThe cherry trees blossomed early this year.to become more healthy, confident or successfulShe has visibly blossomed over the last few months.blossom into something Their friendship blossomed into love.



1allergic (to something)having an allergy to somethingI like cats but unfortunately I’m allergic to them.



plural allergies

allergy (to something)a medical condition that causes you to react badly or feel ill/sick when you eat or touch a particular substanceI have an allergy to animal hair.Hay fever is caused by an allergy to pollen.



 a short period of rain or snowscattered showersApril showersWe were caught in a heavy shower.

“April showers bring may flowers.” = It rains in April (rain is not so nice) but because of the rain beautiful flowers bloom in May!



to produce flowers


 flowerMost roses will begin to bloom from late May.

Can you use any of these words to talk about spring where you live? Tell us about your city/country during spring in the comment section 🙂

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