English Spring vocabulary (2021)

Spring has arrived! (This is a natural way to say “It’s now Spring!”) Now is the perfect time to learn some English Spring vocabulary/ In today’s blog post let’s practice some words we use when Spring arrives.

*For my friends in Australia and Brazil (all of South America), Fall has arrived, not Spring, but we can still practice this vocabulary. You can use it when spring comes to your part of the world in September.

In English, we often talk about the signs of spring. Signs are things that show us something or give us information.

A sign can be a piece of paper, wood, or metal that has writing or a picture on it that gives you information, instructions, a warning, etc.

Spring vocabulary

A stop sign and a public bathroom sign.

②Signs can also be an event, an action, a fact, etc. that shows that something exists, is happening or may happen in the future

Spring vocabulary

Headaches may be a sign of stress.

How to use the suffix EN (Increase vocabulary + VIDEO)

The signs that tell us Spring is coming are things like flowers blooming and plants turning green. Also, lots of insects come around and in many countries (where I’m from for example) birds return for the spring season.

signs of Spring 
English vocabulary

Some Spring vocabulary that can be tricky are 2 words we use to talk about flowers. Bloom and blossom. We use these words when we talk about flowers. Both words can be used as a noun or as a verb. I will teach you with some natural examples so you will know which one is a noun, which one is a verb and when to use them.

bloom [noun] a flower (usually one on a plant that people admire for its flowers)
~ the exotic blooms of the orchid

*This use of bloom is not so common in natural conversation. Flower is usually the most natural choice BUT we often hear the idiom in (full) bloom which means –

 (of trees, plants, gardens, etc.) with the flowers fully open
“The roses were in full bloom.”

bloom [verb] – to produce flowers
“Most roses will begin to bloom from late May.” *The is a natural use of the verb bloom

blossom [noun] a flower or a mass of flowers, especially on a fruit tree or bush
“The cherry blossoms are beautiful this year!”

blossom [verb] (of a tree or bush) to produce blossom
“The cherry trees blossomed early this year.”

Confused? Look at the 2 sentences together.

“The cherry blossoms are beautiful this year!” ~ cherry blossoms (noun) are the subject of this sentence. Are is the verb. *The noun form is usually plural (more than one) blossoms.

“The cherry trees blossomed early this year.” ~ cherry trees (noun) are the subject of this sentence. Blossomed is the verb. (past tense)

All helpful word definitions come from Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries dot com/

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More Spring vocabulary

Spring is a season of renewal, plants and animals become active again as the weather gets warmer. It’s a happy time of year. UNLESS… you have allergies!!!

Trees and flowers are beautiful but they also create a lot of pollen in Spring.

Pollen is a fine powder, usually yellow, that is formed in flowers and carried to other flowers of the same kind by the wind or by insects, to make those flowers produce seeds

An allergy caused by pollen is called hay fever in English. The characters used in Japan for this allergy mean pollen and illness. – 花粉 pollen 症 illness ~ 花粉症 = hay fever

People who suffer from hay fever sneeze a lot and have watery eyes during Spring. 

sneeze [verb] to have air come suddenly and noisily out through your nose and mouth in a way that you cannot control, for example, because you have a cold

watery [adjective] of or like water; containing a lot of water
His eyes were red and watery. (When we say someone’s eyes are watery, it means they have water in their eyes. Usually from air conditions or allergies. This is different from crying)

Spring vocabulary

In Japan, there are many Cherry trees that have beautiful blossoms at the beginning of April and also many cedar trees around Tokyo. (My first apartment was in a city called Cedar Row 杉並) Many trees make a lot of pollen, so people with hay fever have a hard time in March and April.

Birds come back in Spring, or they become active in Spring. We can hear their singing and chirping more often than in the winter months.

     ↙  Click for pronunciation
chirp [noun] a short high sound made by small birds (and some insects) 🐤🐞

chirp [verb] to make short high sounds
“I can hear birds chirping in the trees.”

Some other signs of Spring are bees and mosquitoes.

     ↙ Click for pronunciation
mosquito [noun]

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