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Learn English verb grammar easily with my Step by Step program. 4 Digital textbooks with clear and easy to remember examples. 

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Grammar Connect Method

My Grammar Connect Method digital guide is guaranteed to help you remember and use new grammar.

Bonus - Advanced VERBS

A collection of links to my best Past Participle study tools. 4 blog posts - 3 public videos - 2 PDF downloads

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Knowing when and how to use different verb forms can be difficult.

(I know!) I’m an English teacher AND a language (Japanese) student.


When I talk to my friends or coworkers in Japan, I want to share my stories. I want to tell them what I did, what is happening, and what I plan to do. I also want to understand their stories

Every sentence needs a verb

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There are many verb patterns to remember. They can be hard to use correctly in natural conversation. Some verbs don’t follow a pattern at all.


STOP being confused by different verb tenses.


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