Phrasal verb week! – IN

Phrasal verb week! – IN

Phrasal verbs – A verb plus 1 more word that has a new meaning.
Phrasal verbs are very common in English. Today let’s look at some phrasal verbs with IN.
Verbs describing movement use the preposition IN when we talk about entering something.
Come in = enter a room or building
“Hi everyone, welcome to my housewarming party! Please come in.”
* housewarming party = a party in a new house
Move in = to move your things to a new home, a new place to live
“Sorry my apartment’s messy, we just moved in on Saturday.”

“We have boxes everywhere.”
Get in = to arrive somewhere
“I’m tired this morning, I didn’t get in until last night until 1:30 am. My plane got in late.”
Dive in = into the water
“The lake is nice and warm, go ahead and dive in!”


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