Out of the Blue

“Yesterday I got an email from an old friend out of the blue!” I got an unexpected email, from an old friend. The email came suddenly, I was surprised.

Can you guess the meaning of out of the blue? When something happens suddenly, unexpectedly (we are not prepared for it) we say it happened out of the blue. This idiom comes from rain storms that happen unexpectedly. The blue means the sky, when the sky is blue there are no clouds so we don’t expect a rain storm to happen very soon. Usually the sky fills with dark clouds so we have a warning that soon it will rain, we can prepare. We don’t prepare for rain if the sky is blue, so if it begins to rain quickly we are not prepared, we get wet! If the clouds and rain came out of the blue sky, we are surprised.

Here are a few more examples:

“Last week when I was walking in the park a bicycle came out of the blue and almost hit me!”

“I was sitting at home this morning when out of the blue my sister called me and gave me tickets to the Tokyo Giants baseball game tonight! What a nice surprise!”

I was watching a soccer game when a ball came out of the blue and…
(This was not expected!)
Has anything happened to you out of the blue recently?

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